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Ruined my new kitchen floor! The simply fit exercise board has ruined my new kitchen flooring in 2 places!

Beyond devastated!! They point out that it can be used on all floor types, including carpet - this is not true....my new floor is ruined. The friction of the board against the flooring has caused these holes in the floor. the larger hole actually looks like it shredded the flooring.

I had faith in this product but I will definitely not be using it in my house.

I would imagine it could to this to any flooring including carpet. Disappointed and devastated is an understatement - thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Simply Fit Board Fitness Board.

Reason of review: ruined my floor.

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Has anyone else had pain in their knees? I have to stop using it for a while.


I knew this would happen, as soon as I saw it being used I knew this sort of thing would happen! I'm truly sorry.. Atleast you didn't get your back screwed up though!


Thank you for this post. I was.wondering if any of these buyers know what friction is.

If it comes in contact with your floor or carpet there's no way it will not damage it. Common sense!!

to Anonymous #1330233

I use mine in a throw rug, but the board 'travels'. Any way to stop this? Am I not centered on the board???

to Anonymous #1363601

I love my fit board and I too always place a throw rug underneath. However it does manage to move some so I found a rement of the non-slip rubber pad that you place underneath large area rugs and VIOLA!... Happy twisting!

to Anonymous #1439752

Thank you! It is comonm sense. I don't understand why a person would use it on a tile floor for one thing and absoutel;y about friction duh!

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