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From using the board for 2 months, my back and leg starting hurting. had an MRI and I have L4-5 Diffusely buldging disc with an annular tear in the midline compressing the thecal sac and touching the traversing LEFT L5 nerve root.

I have been in awful pain since the end of March, now it looks like I am going to have to have surgery stop using it if you have one, I don't want anyone else going thru what I'm going thru. I have to use crutches or a walker all the time just to get around.

I wish we could sue this company!!! I see a lot of others have similar problems

Product or Service Mentioned: Simply Fit Board Fitness Board.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do not purchase this board! It was the biggest mistake of my life.

I used it daily for 6 months and have strained/damaged nerves in my Pelvic Floor region (will spare you all the details). Also my Sacroiliac Joint and soft tissue around it is now inflamed. Today I had an MRI of my lower back and buttocks, awaiting results and will be having an injection in my SI Joint next week. Unfortunately I have spent mega bucks on physical therapy!

People save yourselves from physical pain and additional expenses by not purchasing a SimplyFit Board. I was in excellent physical shape before using the board.

Therefore, thought it would enhance my normal workout! Boy, was I wrong!!!


Highly Doubt that the twisting on The Simply Fit Board Is THE CAUSE of Your Back Issues !!! They were there prior Am I Right ? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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